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A cheaper, weirder e-reader alternative to the Boox Palma

The Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm Plus e-reader being held in a user’s hand with text onscreen.
You can find the Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm Plus for around $125 online. | Image: Xiaomi

It seems like everyone is enamored with the Boox Palma, including our own David Pierce, but at $280, it’s expensive for an e-reader. For another option that mirrors larger e-readers but in a tiny and cheaper package, John Moltz has taken a look at the $125 Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm Plus over on Six Colors.

There are some notable compromises, like a reflective screen that will potentially have users struggling to dodge glare, ordering off of AliExpress, and a dated Android 11 OS that isn’t fully translated from Chinese to English.

The display is also a few years behind the 300ppi e-paper panels you now get on Kindles, Kobos, and even the Boox Palma, featuring a 5.84-inch E Ink screen with just 276ppi of resolution. The InkPalm Plus also has…

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