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Conservatives unload on ‘political’ NYC prosecution of Trump outside courtroom: ‘Damaging to the country’

Bystanders outside former President Trump’s criminal trial on Wednesday spoke to Fox News Digital and blasted what they said is a political prosecution of the former president and chief political rival of President Biden.

‘This thing is damaging to the American legal system for decades to come,’ a man outside the courtroom told Fox News Digital. ‘The political use of the courts. Listen, on this level, it’s dreadful… never mind Trump, it’s damaging to the country.’

When asked if he thought the trial was politically motivated, the man scoffed in agreement and said, ‘It’s also economically motivated.’

‘Let’s do it fair, let’s lay out the deck of cards, if Biden is scared to lay down the deck of cards and ask what happened with the cocaine in the White House, the people still want to know… why CNN aint publicize that, why?’ 

Another man wearing a New York Yankees cap told Fox News Digital, ‘Why they ain’t making no news about it? It’s not about being a racist, you know I was a Democrat for long [time], but I had to research and start seeing things and I started to come to a clear perception and said, ‘Nah, Donald Trump is right.’’

‘You don’t have to agree with him about everything but one thing you can say… he  love to take care of the people, he love people,’ the man added.

‘Because he’s doing everything for us,’ a woman outside the courtroom told Fox News Digital when asked why she believes Trump is a ‘good president.’

Another man told Fox News Digital he thinks Democrats are ‘desperate’ and ‘losing their s—.’

‘They’re losing their composure and they’re just so scared that he might be elected they’re just losing their stuff totally,’ the man, who was holding an American flag, added.

When asked what the outcome of the trial will be, the man said, ‘His ratings will go up, we have a Constitution, so sooner or later, whatever at first happens will be overturned, so thank God we’re a constitutional republic.’

The man said he ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if Trump was convicted in the New York City case, but the ‘consensus seems to be a hung jury.’ 

‘It shows that it’s fragile,’ the man said about how this trial reflects the criminal justice system in the United States. ‘Half the country doesn’t realize that we have a constitutional republic, and they think that the quote ‘majority’ should make the laws and that’s not the way it works. The Constitution supersedes the majority.’

Jurors in the case were handed their final instructions on Wednesday and were sent out to deliberate on Trump’s guilt in the 34 charges against him stemming from allegations he improperly covered up an NDA agreement with porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump has pleaded not guilty on all counts and dismissed the allegations as a political prosecution.

Fox News Digital’s Matteo Cina contributed to this report

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS

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