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New election integrity group will pour millions into paying, protecting whistleblowers on ‘front lines’

A newly formed nonprofit organization aims to promote election integrity by compensating whistleblowers at the ground level who witness corruption first hand during the election process.

The Fair Election Fund will focus its efforts on election organizers and concerned citizens who witness the inner workings of elections first hand and will vet and pay whistleblowers who witness irregularities in the process. 

‘The bulk of the group’s budget will be devoted to paying whistleblowers like election workers, organizers, and concerned citizens who have witnessed this corruption firsthand for sharing their stories,’ FEF said in a press release. 

‘All claims will be vetted by Fair Election Fund’s team of experienced election law attorneys. The group will highlight these cases through aggressive paid and earned media campaigns, the first of which will begin immediately.’

In a new ad released on Saturday, the group explains that ‘elections are the bedrock of our American experiment. 

‘It’s part of our core, but we can only have confidence in the results if there is trust in the process. Across the country there are real cases and abuses in the system that have eroded our trust.’

The ad cites efforts from the Biden administration to register voters that some have warned could end up registering illegal immigrants and non-eligible voters as well as cities across the country who have pushed to allow non-citizens to vote.

The ad also expresses concerns about the lack of voter ID in some places in the United States, efforts to curtail voter ID, concerns about drop boxes, mail-in ballots, and other potential vulnerabilities in the election system. 

‘The reason why our elections still lack the integrity Americans deserve is because those on the front lines fear they will lose their livelihoods for speaking out against those in power – Not anymore,’ an official familiar with the effort said in the press release.

‘This initiative will ensure those who come forward to expose fraud and abuse in our elections system will be compensated and protected. This $5 million fund will shine a light on the corruption, stop it, and restore trust with the American public.’

A Heritage Foundation database has documented roughly 1,500 cases of confirmed voter fraud and almost 1,300 criminal convictions.

‘Safe-and-secure elections matter, because as can be seen by some of the documented cases in Heritage’s Voter Fraud Database, even a single ineligible or illegally cast ballot can make the difference in an election–especially those at the local level,’ Zack Smith, a Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow, posted on X last month.

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS

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