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The first Steam Deck competitor with SteamOS is almost here

A photo of a person playing a game on the The Ayaneo Next Lite.
The Ayaneo Next Lite. | Image: Ayaneo

The first non-Valve device with SteamOS preinstalled is about to ship: Ayaneo just announced its next handheld gaming PC, the Next Lite, is running the open-source operating system.

Ayaneo is pitching the Next Lite as a cost-effective option, but we don’t know too much about the device just yet or how much it will cost. It has a seven-inch 800p screen, a 47Wh battery, and Hall effect joysticks, according to an Ayaneo blog post. The company is also advertising “vibrant colors” that include a good-looking seafoam green and “high-end craftsmanship.”

But we don’t yet know what chip powers the handheld, so it’s hard to know how its performance might stack up against other devices.

Image: Ayaneo

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