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New poll reveals huge gap in concern over Biden’s age vs. Trump’s in hypothetical 2024 matchup

A new Monmouth University poll released Thursday revealed a huge gap in the level of concern from voters over President Biden’s advanced age versus former President Donald Trump’s.

According to the poll, 76% of voters agreed Biden, 80, was ‘too old’ to serve another term, compared to just 48% who said the same about Trump, 77, despite the difference in their ages being just three and a half years. 

Of the 76% who said Biden was ‘too old,’ 55% strongly agreed versus just 26% of the 48% who said the same about Trump.

Trump also edged Biden when it came to voter enthusiasm about their candidacies with 56% of voters saying they were either enthusiastic or very enthusiastic about him becoming the Republican nominee for president. Just 46% of voters said the same about the prospect of Biden becoming the Democrat nominee.

When broken down to just independent voters, 35% were enthusiastic about a Trump candidacy versus just 19% for a Biden candidacy.

In a hypothetical 2024 matchup, 43% of voters said they would definitely or probably vote for Trump while 42% said they would definitely or probably vote for Biden. 57% said they definitely or probably wouldn’t vote for Biden, and 56% said they definitely or probably wouldn’t vote for Trump.

Biden’s 42% support was down from the 47% a Monmouth poll found in July, and Trump’s 43% was an increase from 40% in the same poll that month.

According to the poll, Biden’s support from Black, Latino and Asian voters dropped significantly from the July poll, down to 47% from 63%. Trump, however, jumped to 33% from 23% in July.

Biden narrowly came out on top in favorability with 41% of voters viewing him as very or somewhat favorable compared to just 38% for Trump. 59% said they viewed Biden as very or somewhat unfavorable, compared to 62% for Trump.

When it came to Trump’s ongoing legal issues surrounding his response to the 2020 presidential election, 46% of voters said he committed a crime. Just 22% said Trump did something wrong, but did not commit a crime while 29% said he did nothing wrong.

On the House impeachment inquiry into President Biden, 34% said Biden should be impeached, 16% said Biden may have violated his oath of office but shouldn’t be impeached, and 43% said Biden did not violate his oath of office.

Just 15% said they had ‘a lot’ of trust in the House to conduct a fair investigation into Biden, 33% said ‘a little,’ and 50% said not at all.

Concerning Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, 27% said they made it less likely they would support Biden for president, but 72% said they would have no impact on their voting decision.

This post appeared first on FOX NEWS

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