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The Pixel 8 is Google’s best opportunity to bring its AI ideas together under one roof

An illustration of Google’s multicolor “G” logo
Google Assistant, but make it Bard. | Illustration: The Verge

If there’s one job I’d like AI to take from me, it’s my daily email deleting ritual.

Every morning at 8:30AM, Google Calendar pings me with a reminder containing just one word: EMAILS. Thus, my formal workday begins as I speed-delete nearly every email that landed in my inbox overnight. They are largely useless and clog up the space between legitimate emails that I need to read and respond to.

Imagine for a minute, though, if you could just tell an AI assistant to show you your most important emails and delete all the rest. I asked Google Assistant on a Pixel 7 Pro to do this, and it just wordlessly escorted me to my inbox so I could deal with it myself. Thanks a bunch.

Google, like almost every other tech company in the world, is all…

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