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Snapchat’s new parental controls aim to protect minors from sensitive content

Three Snapchat screenshots on a yellow backdrop. The screenshots display the apps Family center feature for parental controls.
Snapchat’s latest safety feature allows parents to filter out sensitive content on their children’s devices. | Image: Snapchat

Snapchat has rolled out new parental Content Controls to help prevent minors from being exposed to potentially inappropriate content while using the app. Announced on Tuesday, parents and guardians can now access new content filtering capabilities through Snapchat’s Family Center supervision tool to block “sensitive or suggestive” content from appearing on their child’s Snapchat Stories or Spotlight feed.

The feature can be enabled by selecting “Restrict Sensitive Content” within the Family Center settings. Snap notes that enabling the feature won’t restrict the content your child can view elsewhere on the app outside of Snapchat’s Stories and Spotlight sections, such as Chat, Snaps, and Search.

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