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On the internet, nobody knows you’re a human

A stylized illustration of a woman’s face, looking exasperated as she’s surrounded by CAPTCHA-style popups.
Illustration by Brian Scagnelli / The Verge

Last April, 27-year-old Nicole posted a TikTok video about feeling burned out in her career. When she checked the comments the next day, however, a different conversation was going down.

“Jeez, this is not a real human,” one commenter wrote. “I’m scared.”

“No legit she’s AI,” another said.

Nicole, who lives in Germany, has alopecia. It’s a condition that can result in hair loss across a person’s body. Because of this, she’s used to people looking at her strangely, trying to figure out what’s “off,” she says over a video call. “But I’ve never had this conclusion made, that [I] must be CGI or whatever.”

Over the past few years, AI tools and CGI creations have gotten better and better at pretending to be human. Bing’s new chatbot is…

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