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Uber’s redesigned app uses the latest iPhone features

Uber’s new app on an iPhone 14 Pro
Uber’s new app update includes support for Dynamic Island and Live Activities for iPhone 14 Pro and iOS 16. | Image: Uber

Uber is launching a redesigned version of its app that introduces a homescreen that the company says makes hailing a ride and ordering takeout food a lot easier. Uber is also adding enhancements to the app that make use of the latest iPhone and iOS features. The update is rolling out now to “tens of millions” customers in 1,200 cities globally, the company said.

The redesign and new features are the first in a series of updates, Uber’s head of product for rides, Jen You, states in a press release. “These improvements represent the biggest design changes to the Uber app in several years.”

Image: Uber

The new Uber app homescreen has tabs for rides and Eats delivery on top and a simplified space for suggestions.


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