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DP Trading Room: Trusting the Technicals

On this week’s edition of The DecisionPoint Trading Room, Carl looks at the Big 10 capitalized stocks and determines whether a bull market right now will have legs. Do we use common sense or technicals regarding a new bull market? Carl and Erin discuss. Both of them deep dive into the Technology (XLK) sector and review stock symbol requests like XOM and SBUX, among many others.

This video was originally recorded on February 6, 2023. Click this link to watch on YouTube. You can also watch this episode and other past episodes on the StockCharts on demand video service, Registration is free!

New episodes of The DecisionPoint Trading Room air on Mondays at 3pm ET on StockCharts TV. Past videos will be available to watch on demand. Sign up to attend the trading room live Mondays at 12pm ET by clicking here!

Erin also hosted the Monday, February 6 edition of StockCharts TV’s Your Daily Five! It may be a secular bear market, but you can still have rallies, as is the case right now. More upside is coming, but there are problems in the economy, as she highlights in her charts and indicators.

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