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Electric air dusters rock

A picture of an XPower electric air duster being held aloft.
My tool. My friend. My electric air duster. | Photo by Christopher Person / The Verge

I have always had a complicated relationship with canned compressed air. For a neat freak, it’s a vital tool. It keeps your keyboards clean, it blasts dust out of your gaming PC, and it gets gunk out of those hard to reach parts of devices. It’s an invaluable tool, an ally — heck, even a friend.

But the waste!

I’m not trying to be a cheapskate here, but a can of compressed air costs like five bucks, and I got air at home. Like, a whole lot of it, just floating around, not paying rent. Can’t I just shove that into a can? I think you see where this bit is going.

Image: XPower Manufacture

The XPower A-2S Cyber Duster. It also comes in a “B” variant that is battery-powered.

Say hello, dear reader, to the XPower…

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